Lifestyle sessionsAuthentic and honest portraits of real people - storytelling.

Lifestyle photography is not just about having your portraits taken. It’s so much more than that. It’s about documenting a moment in the life of your family. It can be a completely random moment in time or it can be a special moment such as a pregnancy or the first days at home with your newborn.

Lifestyle sessions are a great opportunity to have your family portraits done in a fun and relaxed way, and they are perfect for children because they get to play and do all the things they like best – together with you.

What is important to know is that lifestyle sessions are not posed sessions. If you are looking for more traditional family portraits with big smiles while all of you look into the camera, then I am probably not the right photographer for you.

I want to capture what’s between you. I want you to have fun together, chase each other, do silly things, hug each other, dance, kiss your children, throw them in the air (and grab them again!), laugh together, play together, be together…

We will spend up to 1.5 hours together at your home or on an outdoor location. (Newborn and baby sessions always take place at home). For outdoor sessions we will choose a place where you can do something together as a family. It can be a playground where the kids can have fun, or we can go for a walk in nature.

What I love most though is to photograph families in their own homes. In home lifestyle portraits are intense, pure and honest and they represent a unique opportunity for you to see your everyday life from a different point of view.

During your session I won’t direct you a lot. I prefer to let things evolve naturally and capture whatever happens. I will sometimes ask you to move around according to where the best natural light is, or I may suggest some things you can do together, which I know will work well in photos, but that’s really it.

I always make sure to capture a good mix of different portrait combinations in order for you to get as many different images as possible (images with all of you together, individual images of the children, parents alone etc.)

The result of your lifestyle session will be a series of beautiful and carefully edited color and black and white images full of emotions and full of life. They will be images that will guarantee that this particular moment in your life will stay with you forever, and I promise you they will only become more and more valuable over time.

You can book a lifestyle session for the following sessions: kids/family, newborn/family, maternity/family, couples. To see the different lifestyle collections please visit this page.

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