Portrait sessionsAll about the sessions and how I work.

The kind of photography which I do is called lifestyle photography. It’s called like this because it aims to portray not only the people but also a part of their life the way they live it in that exact moment. The style is very informal, spontaneous and natural.

What I love about lifestyle photography is that it documents. It tells a story about you and a part of your life.

Although lifestyle photography is perfect for those special moments in life such as pregnancy and the birth of a child, I strongly recommend that you do not wait for those special occasions before having your portraits taken. Don’t forget about the beauty of the life you live on ordinary days. It deserves to be photographed as well – and remembered.

I am available for all kinds of portrait sessions: kids/family, newborn, maternity and couples. I work exclusively with natural light and I prefer to capture you in natural and spontaneous situations without too much posing. I believe these are the most beautiful – and real – portraits.

Lifestyle sessions always take place on location. It can be at the park, on the beach, in the woods or in the city, but it can also simply be at your home. Depending on the package you end up choosing your photo shoot will last one or two hours and include one or two locations.

If your home is big enough with enough natural light it is very nice to do the shoot there. Photos taken at home are often very warm and spontaneous and they will make you see your everyday life – as a family – with different eyes.

But it is also nice to do the photos on an outdoor location. One of the advantages of outdoor sessions is the amazing light and the unlimited amount of space available. For photo shoots with two locations I always recommend to start with an in home session followed by an outdoor session in a nearby place which has a special meaning to you. It can be the park where you usually go to play with the children, the little square near your home, a visit to your favorite ice cream store or a walk at the beach or in the woods.

Newborn sessions always take place at home possibly followed by an outdoor family session.

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