I offer five different kinds of portrait sessions: Lifestyle sessions, Standard sessions, Kids Mini, Fresh 48 and Branding sessions.

My approach is more or less the same for all sessions:

I won’t direct you a lot. I will sometimes ask you to move around according to where the best natural light is, or I may suggest some things you can do together, which I know will work well in photos, but that’s really it.

I will make sure to take a good mix of different portraits in order to create as many different images as possible. I follow a shoot list which guarantees that I get all the important shots I need to create your story, but I also like to just go with the flow and capture whatever happens.

Below is a short description of each session.



Lifestyle sessions are my favorite sessions!

They are longer sessions of app. 1.5 hours and they always take place in your own home or on an outdoor location of your choice. You can book a lifestyle session for all kinds of portraits: Kids, family, couples, maternity and newborn.

In home sessions are all about documenting your everyday life as a family. Your portraits will be made in a natural and documentary style where focus will be on the connection between you as a family, but I will also include some more classic shots.

If you prefer to do your session on an outdoor location, I recommend that you choose a place which means something special to you. It can be the local park or any other place which you and your family feel attached to.

Note that newborn sessions and sessions with little children who can’t yet sit by themselves always take place at home.



Standard sessions are great when you just want a few good portraits of your children and/or the whole family, or if you want something slightly more traditional compared to lifestyle sessions. Standard sessions are also a great choice if you have never done a session before and prefer something smaller.

Standard sessions are outdoor sessions of up to one hour which take place on a location which we’ll choose together. They can be booked for kids, family, couples and maternity portraits.

Because sessions take place outside on location children must be able to sit by themselves.



Kids Mini sessions are shorter standard sessions of 30 minutes, which can be booked for portraits of one or two children. They take place on a specific outdoor location, which I will choose, and the children must be able to sit on their own.



Fresh 48 is a new kind of portrait session which I would like to start offering to my clients. It’s a short family/newborn session which takes place in your room at the hospital 1-2 days after your baby has been born.

Fresh 48 sessions are short sessions of app. 30 minutes, during which I will simply document those first and unique hours together with your newborn. There will be no posing, no need to dress up etc. I will capture you just as you are.

I am currently looking for a family who would like to do a Fresh 48 session for free in exchange for giving me permission to publish the photos. If you are giving birth in Florence within the next couple of months feel free to send me an e-mail for more information.



Branding sessions are commercial portrait sessions which means that you can use the photos from your session to promote your business on your website, on your social media business accounts, in advertising etc. You may also let third parties such as the press or bloggers use your images if they are writing about you.

You can book a basic branding session if you just need a few good portraits for your website, or you can choose a lifestyle session if you want to show your clients more than just a face.

A branding lifestyle session can include portraits only or a mix of portraits, interiors and details/mood. If you work in a creative studio we can also do a session while you are at work in order to document the creative process.

Branding sessions can be completely customized depending on your needs. Prices start at 390 € + VAT (22%) which includes a one hour session on location, 30 proofs to choose from and 5 high res. digital files with commercial image use license.

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