Prints and albumsWhy you should choose paper.

We live in a world which becomes more and more digital every day and so many people have stopped printing their photos. Instead of printing them we keep our photos on smartphones or on the computer and unfortunately it happens more and more often that dear memories are lost forever.

Hard disks break down, smartphones are being stolen. Sometimes software updates do annoying things to our computers. Losing old memories in the form of photos is unfortunately very easy in the digital world of today and this is one of the reasons why I am such a big fan of paper.

I offer a series of fine art products which all add great extra value to your photos. I only work with certified fine art photo labs and I have spent a lot of time searching for the most beautiful high quality products for my clients.

I offer fine art prints with or without passe-partout, prints mounted on Gatorfoam boards, framed fine art prints and fine art albums. All products are designed in a simple and minimalistic design which will allow your photos to speak for themselves on a neutral, yet elegant background.

All products are made with a technique called Giclée. It’s a printing technique which uses pigment based inks and which – together with the high quality of the fine art paper – guarantees that all details and colors are brought to life in the best possible way. The quality is superb. In fact a Giclée print can last more than one hundred years!

When you decide to invest in a photo session I strongly recommend that you bring back something tangible and not just the digital files.

Prints are forever – files are not.

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