Hello! I’m Birgitte, a Danish photographer based in Florence, Italy.

I create honest lifestyle portraits of kids and families, but actually I enjoy portraying all kinds of people and ages.

I have been into photography for more than ten years. At first it was just a passion (a big one!) but in 2013 I decided to take the jump and become a professional photographer.

Besides being a photographer I am also (and foremost) a mom myself. I have a daughter who is seven years old, so I have already been through the first stages of childhood as a parent and know what they are like.

I love working with children and I think it shows in my approach towards them, which I would describe as natural, honest and super very much patient. Oh, and I smile a lot!

I travel to Denmark 2-3 times every year. During these stays I am always available for portrait sessions in and around Copenhagen. Make sure you sign up for my newsletter, if you would like to be informed about upcoming dates.

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