25 June 2019

Best places for gelato in Florence

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Best places for gelato Florence

Today I want to share some of our favorite places for gelato in Florence.

Truth be told there are tons of great gelaterie in Florence, so it’s actually quite easy to find great ice cream, as long as you avoid the obvious tourist traps. Below are the ones we visit the most. Feel free to share your own faves in the comments.

Gelateria dei Neri, Via dei Neri 9/10r. Probably my absolute favorite in the center of Florence. Tons of different and very special flavors and PERFECT gelato. I also love that the place has a little cafe, so you can sit down inside and enjoy your gelato (if you can manage to get a table).

Perché no, Via dei Tavolini, 19r This is another fave in the center. I particularly love their semifreddi (a mousse-like gelato).

Edoardo, Piazza del Duomo 45r Edoardo sells organic gelato and on top of that they have the best homemade cones in Florence.

Il RE gelato, Viale Filippo Strozzi 8. This place is specialized in Sicilian sweets and ice cream, and I come here for one particular reason: The Crema di agrumi. Think creamy vanilla ice cream with all kinds of citrus fruits… It’s the perfect summer flavor.

Badiani, Viale dei Mille, 20 Badiani is our local fave. You find it near Florence’s football stadium in Campo di Marte, and it’s well worth the longer trip. Try the crema di pistacchio (or any other flavor) and fall in love…

L’Oca golosa, Viale Manfredo Fanti 7h. L’Oca Golosa is another great place in the Campo di Marte area. It’s located right in front of the playground, so it’s an obvious choice if you come here with kids. L’Oca golosa also sells frozen yoghurt, but I haven’t tried it.

Cavini, Piazza delle Cure 19/23r You find Cavini in Piazza delle Cure, and it’s actually the only gelateria in Le Cure. Fortunately it’s a good one, and on a warm summer nights we like to come here and sit on the chairs outside while we enjoy a gelato or a granita.