Child Portraits

When I photograph children, I focus on capturing the child completely unposed in his or her natural environment and in natural situations.

I search for more than a happy face smiling at my camera, and I believe that all emotions and expressions are interesting and can make for a beautiful portrait: seriousness, curiosity, concentration, thoughtfulness, enthusiasm, shyness – even boredom.

Together we will choose a location which means something to your child – a place where he or she feels safe and is used to coming. Most importantly it needs to be a place where your child can do something actively on their own. It can be at your own home, or it can be on an outdoor location such as the local playground, a park, the woods, the beach etc.

During the session I won’t tell your child to do certain things or stand in certain places. We will surely chat and interact with each other, but most of the time I will just follow him or her around with my camera in order to capture expressions and emotions as they happen. As a parent all you have to do is be present and make sure that your child is feeling safe and happy.