31 May 2019

Copenhagen with kids: Dyrehaven

Copenhagen with kids CPH do

Dyrehaven (or Jægersborg Dyrehave) is one of the most beautiful nature areas in the Copenhagen area. In English the park is called The Deer Park and the place is in fact home to no less than 2000 deers, which run free in the park and which you can be sure to see if you visit.

This is the perfect place for a day out of town, for a picnic, for a long walk or even for a run. The area is gigantic, but I definitely recommend a walk up to the beautiful castle Eremitageslottet (in English the Hermitage), which used to be the King’s hunting lodge. The area around the castle is also one of the best for spotting deers.

During summer there are outdoor theatre shows in the park, during winter kids will come here to ride their sleighs in Ulvedalene (In English The valleys of the wolves), and outside the main entrance – near the train station – you can book a horse carriage to take you for a ride up to Bakken, the oldest amusement park in the world which is located inside Dyrehaven.

To get to Dyrehaven all you have to do is jump on the S-train towards Klampenborg, which is also the name of the station where you’ll need to get off.

Dyrehaven, 2930 Klampenborg. More info HERE.