27 May 2019

Copenhagen with kids: Ismageriet Søborg – Great ice cream in Copenhagen

Copenhagen with kids CPH eat

When we are in Copenhagen our go to place for ice cream is Ismageriet, and we are lucky to have it right down the street where we live. In fact we’ll typically spend less time getting there compared to the time we’ll spend in line waiting for our turn. This place is super popular!

Ismageriet makes a delicious gelato inspired ice cream, and they offer many special flavors which you can’t normally get. Everything is of course homemade from fresh and natural seasonal ingredients. I also love the cafe with the “Fifties American diner” inspired interiors and the little garden in the backyard.

The only thing I’m less enthusiastic about are the prices. Being used to Italian ice cream prices which typically start around €1.5/2.00 for a cup with two flavors, it kills me just a little bit having to pay almost €5 for the same thing in Copenhagen. But it sure is delicious.

Ismageriet, Søborg Hovedgade 34, 2870 Dyssegård. T. +45 60 60 10 40.