Today I am super excited to share my very first documentary family session which I did one month ago here in Florence.

      Documentary sessions are different from lifestyle sessions. There is no staging, no looking into the camera (at least I won’t ask you to), no posing and no telling you how to dress, what to do and where to look. All you have to think about during a documentary session is be together, and I will document everything in the most beautiful and honest way.

      Things don’t have to look perfect and it’s important to know that I will indeed photograph all that happens during your session. Both the good and the ugly. The purpose is to show you, your family and your life just the way you are – now.

      And what about the final result? It is no secret that documentary portraits are less perfect and polished compared to those of a lifestyle session. You could say that during a lifestyle session we aim at making happy perfect looking portraits while documentary sessions are meant for creating honest and raw portraits of real life – YOUR life.

      So on a random Saturday morning I spent two hours together with a family of five while they did all the things they usually do at home on a Saturday morning: Eating breakfast, doing homework, baking bread, cleaning the house and – of course – lots of play.

      You can read more about my documentary sessions HERE. Also I will be running a special intro offer on these sessions for the next couple of months. If you would like to hear more all you have to do is send me an email.

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