Fresh 48

      Fresh 48 is a new kind of session which I have started offering to my clients.

      It’s a short family/newborn session of 30-45 minutes which takes place in your room at the hospital (or wherever you give birth) within 48 hours after your baby has been born. (Hence the name of the session).

      During a Fresh 48 session I will simply document those first and unique hours together with your newborn at the hospital. There will be no posing, no need to dress up etc. I will capture you just as you are.

      Fresh 48 sessions are mainly documentary sessions with some lifestyle elements meaning that I will provide a bit of guidance during your session in order to make sure that we get the most out of light and location. 

      In my opinion Fresh 48 is the most important session a family can do. It is an opportunity to document what may very well be the most special moment ever in your lives: The birth of your child.

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