22 April 2020

Lockdown diary from Florence March-April 2020

In the afternoon of March, 4 we were told that schools would probably close the day after due to the quick escalation of Covid-19 in Italy.

We went to pick up our children who came out with all their books and pencil cases. They couldn’t believe what they had already been told by their teachers. It all seemed a little strange to them and to be honest I don’t think they were super happy.

In the early evening it was officially confirmed by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte: All schools would be closed from March, 5.

Five days later Italy went on lockdown and we were no longer allowed to leave our homes without a specific (and absolutely necessary) purpose.

The first two photos were taken on March, 7 right before the lockdown. The day after we went to our local park without knowing it would be the very last time for a long period.

Today we are at April, 22. We are still on lockdown and two days ago it became mandatory to wear a mask when leaving the house. But things seem to be getting better, and next month we may be able to get out a little more for the first time in almost two months. Can’t wait!