What I offer

My approach towards kids and family photography is very natural and spontaneous. I like to work with whatever is given me, and I love the fact that every session is different and unique.

I am drawn towards great light and strong colors, but I also love intense black and white images with a bit of grain.

Common for all my sessions is that main focus is on the children, but I will also make sure you get some beautiful and natural family portraits which highlight the connection and interaction between you and your children.

I am a firm believer in the importance of prints. To me a photo isn’t a real photo until it’s been printed on paper. But I also understand the need to have the digital files for easy online sharing and as a back up. This is why all my packages include both prints and files.

Below you can find more information about my kids and family sessions. I am also available for portrait and lifestyle sessions for artists and entrepreneurs, and I am always happy to collaborate with brands and magazines for events and editorials.

I would love to hear from you if you have any questions, if you would like to receive a quote for a customized session, or if you want to chat about a possible collaboration. Send me an email!

Documentary family session Florence


Documentary sessions are longer sessions of two or more hours.

For a documentary session I will come to your home, and for two hours I will simply document everything you do together as a family without any kind of interference or directing. I will not tell you what to do, where to look, how to dress or where to stand. All you have to do is be together, and I will capture everything.

You can have your documentary session on any day you like. It can be an ordinary Saturday morning while you do all the things you would normally do at home, or you can arrange a specific activity to do with the family for your session.

Images from documentary sessions will not be picture perfect "look into the camera and smile" portraits. They will be real and honest, they will tell the story of your family, and there is a good chance they will make you see your everyday life with new eyes...

Hjemmefotografering København


Lifestyle sessions are sessions of app. 1.5 hours which take place in your own home and/or on an outdoor location free of choice. (Newborn sessions always take place at home).

Lifestyle sessions are perfect when you want beautiful and natural portraits of your children and the rest of the family.

For lifestyle sessions I will provide a bit of creative directing before and during your session. I won't ask you to pose, but I may ask you to move around according to where the best natural light is, or I may suggest some things you can do together, which I know will work well in photos. I will also send you some guidelines on what to wear and how to prepare for your session.

For lifestyle sessions I follow a shoot list to make sure that I get the most important shots, but I also like to just go with the flow and capture whatever happens. 

Sessione neonato in ospedale Firenze

Fresh 48

Fresh 48 is a short family/newborn session of 45 minutes which takes place in your room at the hospital (or wherever you give birth) within 48 hours after your baby has been born.

My approach for Fresh 48 sessions is a mix of documentary and lifestyle. The style of your images will be documentary, but I will provide a bit of guidance in order to make sure we get the most out of light and space.

Fresh 48 is a session which I highly recommend you do, if you have the possibility. Having a series of professional images documenting those first hours after giving birth and becoming a parent is such a special thing, which you will treasure forever.