Vacation photography in Florence

As something new I now offer documentary vacation photography for tourists coming to visit Florence.

When you hire me to document your vacation you can relax 100% and concentrate on having a wonderful time with your family, while you explore Florence. All family members will be in the photos, and you won’t have to do a single selfie!

I will photograph your vacation with a documentary approach meaning that I will simply follow you around as you visit Florence. I will never ask you to pose or stand in certain places, and I promise you that after a short time you won’t even notice that I’m there.

My main focus will be on you as a family visiting Florence, but I can also include photos of the places we visit, and you are always welcome to ask me for a group portrait with Florence as a backdrop.

You can book me for just a couple of hours, a full day or even several days. It all depends on how much you want me to document.